If you want to grow, expand or start a business,Mercer County, Pennsylvania is the right place for you!

Providing affordable business costs, lucrative local incentives, and a skilled workforce, Mercer County, PA is a low-cost alternative for corporate expansion. Located at the junction of Interstates 79, 80 & 376, Mercer County is a day’s drive to major markets including Pittsburgh, Cleveland, New York City, DC, Chicago, Buffalo, and Southern Canada.

Mercer County, PA offers low-cost land, low-cost labor, valuable infrastructure, and the right financial tools to make your corporate expansion a reality. Whether your company is involved in manufacturing and machine technology, logistics and distribution, health services, business and professional services, shale gas exploration, or retail, we can help!

Mercer County, PA is home to hundreds of successful companies.

If companies like General Electric and Joy Cone Company can
Make it in! Mercer County,
you can too!

Affordable Solutions for Corporate Expansion

  • Low-cost land
  • Available industrial & commercial facilities
  • Affordable business costs
  • Lucrative state & local incentives
  • Skilled & educated workforce
  • Central transportation routes

Contact the Improvement Movement Teamof Penn-Northwest Development Corporation to learn how we can help you find the right tools to Make it in! Mercer County.

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