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Mercer County is your low-cost alternative for business expansion.

Thinking about business expansion in Mercer County? Penn-Northwest is here to ensure your business Makes it in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. If you want to grow, expand or are looking to start a new business, we can help. We have the financial tools to help you Make it in! Mercer County with loans, grants, credits, abatements and more.

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Mercer County is a low-cost alternative for all businesses looking to succeed. Its available land, resources and financial support make it ideal for everyone from startups to established businesses looking to expand.


With a road network consisting of Interstates 79, 80, and 376, a location within 1-hour of several major airports, and available railroad systems, manufacturing businesses will find it easier than ever to connect with customers and seamlessly deliver orders. Additionally, Mercer County has a number of loans and grants exclusively available for manufacturers looking to grow.


Home to three major hospitals and health systems, Mercer County offers plenty of opportunity in the medical and health care fields. Currently, health care, along with social services and education, accounts for more than 26% of the industry in Mercer County and continues to grow.


Mercer County is home to well-known regional and national retailers such as The Winner, Wendell August Forge, Reyers Shoe Store, Daffin’s Candies and Grove City Premium Outlets. The fact that Mercer County draws millions of visitors every year specifically for retail makes it a sought-after location for any retailer.


Located within a day’s drive of major markets including Pittsburgh, Cleveland, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Buffalo, and Southern Canada, and having access to a regional labor pool of more than 300,000, Mercer County’s transportation industry is expected to continue its rapid growth into the foreseeable future.


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