Our Story


As Mercer County’s lead economic development agency, Penn-Northwest strives to benefit our region and make our community a better place. We are a regional player in community and economic development, providing corporate expansion solutions for new and existing industry.


Penn-Northwest provides assistance, training, advice, and guidance to agencies and organizations throughout Mercer County and works to help complete priority projects important to our community. Specifically, Penn-Northwest endeavors to reach short-term goals while taking significant steps toward multi-year goals for economic development through new industry recruitment; a local business calling program, B.A.T. (Business Action Team); and local entrepreneurship and workforce development.


Each year, Penn-Northwest prepares a Program of Work, carefully designed with very specific, measurable goals and objectives to help us execute the strategies needed to increase the prosperity of Mercer County. This plan also gives us the framework for providing our Board, membership, stakeholders, and the community with quantifiable results related to the various goals set forth.


2017/2018 Penn-Northwest Program of Work


The team at Penn-Northwest invites you to join us in Mercer County and experience affordable business costs, lucrative local incentives, and a skilled workforce, all within close proximity to major markets including Pittsburgh, Cleveland, New York City, DC, Chicago, Buffalo and Southern Canada. We will show you how we can help you best implement the resources available in Mercer County to make your corporate expansion a reality. Whether your company is involved in manufacturing & machine technology, logistics & distribution, health services, business & professional services, shale gas exploration, or retail, we can help.


If companies like General Electric and Joy Cone Company can Make it in! Mercer County, you can, too!

  • Low-cost land
  • Available industrial & commercial facilities
  • Affordable business costs
  • Lucrative state and local incentives
  • Skilled and educated workforce
  • Central transportation routes
  • Abundance of low-cost natural gas available
  • Located less than 50 miles by train or truck from a world class ethane cracker with easy access to Northeast population centers

Penn-Northwest Development Corporation
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