Improvement Movement Team

The Improvement Movement Team of Penn-Northwest is a group of experienced economic development professionals with the knowledge to help businesses develop, grow and prosper in Mercer County. Our Team is ready to provide you with information on available land, resources, and financial support that your business needs to succeed.

If you’re looking to relocate, expand start a new business, contact the Improvement Movement Team to learn about how we can reduce your costs by choosing a location in Mercer County.

Call today to learn how we can help you Make it in! Mercer County at 724-662-3705.

Randy P. Seitz

Randy P. Seitz

President & CEO, PNDC

Phone: 724-662-3705 Ext. 1581
Fax: 724-662-0283

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Randy Seitz is a senior development and operations executive with a successful 23-year record of building prosperous communities by attracting business investment to create real family-wage sustaining jobs. Randy has served communities in New York, Texas and Pennsylvania and excels in planning and executing strategies, modernizing and expanding industries and filling industrial parks. Randy holds an MBA from Clarion University and is a talented communicator who inspires consensus and rallies people to action. He stands poised and ready to meet your unique expansion needs and looks forward to helping your business locate or expand in Mercer County.

Gary T. Dovey

Gary T. Dovey

Vice President, Business Development, PNDC

Phone: 724-662-3705 Ext. 1582
Fax: 724-662-0283

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Gary Dovey is a senior development, recruitment, and land planning executive with a successful 15-year record of assisting communities by attracting and financing industries that create family-wage sustaining jobs. Gary has served with communities and businesses in the counties of Butler, Clearfield, Crawford, Jefferson, Mercer and Venango in Pennsylvania. He excels in land planning and recruitment strategies, expanding industries and building/filling industrial parks. Gary holds a BS in Public Administration from Slippery Rock University and stands ready to meet your expansion/relocation needs. He looks forward to helping your business grow in Mercer County.

Tammy L. Calderwood

Tammy L. Calderwood

Marketing Director, PNDC

Phone: 724-662-3705 Ext. 1583
Fax: 724-662-0283

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Tammy Calderwood has extensive marketing experience in website management, advertising, newsletter development, social media and event planning in addition to administering the sites and facilities inventory. Tammy holds a BA in Business Administration/Marketing from Grove City College. A lifelong resident of Mercer County, Tammy enjoys the opportunity to promote Mercer County as a great place to live, work and do business.
Amanda Griffin

Amanda Griffin

Phone: 724-662-3705 ext. 1585
Fax: 724-662-0283

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Amanda Griffin is a native of Northwest Pennsylvania, and a successful small business owner for the past 10 years. Active in the community, Amanda sits on several non-profit boards of directors and is part of many different small community development groups. She is currently enrolled in Penn State University’s RULE XVII program, and is excited to turn those new skills into opportunity for Making it in Mercer County!
Denise Rhoads

Denise Rhoads

Phone: 724-662-3705 ext. 1584
Fax: 724-662-0283

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Denise Rhoads comes to us from the Mahoning Valley in Ohio. She has more than 20 years experience as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager. Having been employed by large and small employers, as well as being a small business owner herself, she understands the challenging dynamics of the business world. She is looking forward to using her experience to help the staff, board of directors and membership of Penn-Northwest achieve success in their projects and activities.

Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Executive Committee 2017/2018

Douglas Riley, Chair
Doug Thomas, Vice Chair
Commissioner Matthew McConnell, Second Vice Chair
James Grasso, Immediate Past Chair
Scott Free, Treasurer
Scott MacDonald, Secretary
John Thigpen, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Randy Seitz, President/CEO

Board of Directors 2017/2018

ROBERT DONATELLI, Donatelli Electric

SCOTT FREE, First National Bank of PA

BRAD GOSSER, Greenville-Reynolds Development Corporation

DAVID GRANDE, Huntington Bank

JAMES GRASSO, Liberty Steel Products

MARK HUDSON, Hudson Construction, Inc.

JOSEPH HUGAR, Sharon Regional Medical Center

CHARLES JACKSON, Penn Power Company

SCOTT KALMANEK, Joy Cone Company

SCOTT MACDONALD, Noise Solutions



BRAD MANTZELL, Gilbert’s Risk Solutions

MATTHEW MCCONNELL, M C Board of Commissioners

RICHARD MOROCO, PTR Group/American Cap


DREW PIERCE, Primary Health Network

DOUGLAS W RILEY, Mercer County Industrial Development Authority


DOUGLAS E. THOMAS, Thomas Construction Co.

LES YOUNG, National Fuel Gas Corp


Directors Emeritus 2017/2018

KENNETH  FAULCONBRIDGE, Northwest Savings Bank


JOSEPH GEORGE, Joy Cone Company

STEPHEN GURGOVITS, First National Bank of PA


LEW KACHULIS, Synergy Comp Insurance


PAUL O’BRIEN, Rien Construction 


DONNA WINNER, Winner Companies

Penn-Northwest Development Corporation
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Sharon, Pennsylvania 16146
Phone: 724-662-3705
Fax: 724-662-0283