Businesses that have chosen to Make It In Mercer County, PA

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Astralloy Steel Products

For nearly 50 years, Astralloy Steel Products has been providing innovative and cost effective abrasion resistant and specialty steel plate and bar solutions. Astralloy recently relocated their corporate headquarters from Masury, Ohio to Sharon, Pennsylvania – a project that represented job creation and capital investment for the local Sharon economy.


Austin Rubber Company

Austin Rubber Company, LLC (ARC) is a producer of upcycled rubber that uses a patented, solvent-based rubber devulcanization process. ARC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Source Holdings, LLC, which was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. During FY 2015/2016, ARC commenced operations as a stand-alone manufacturing company at the ILSCO facility in Greenville with its own operations, manufacturing, marketing/sales and administrative staff, where the company occupies approximately 30,000 s.f. and will produce 24 tons of devulcanized rubber per day for sale domestically and overseas. The initial target market is footwear, industrial rubber products and solid tires. Expansion of ARC into Mercer County will entail an overall capital investment of nearly $8.5 million and the creation of 21 jobs, with additional future investment and job potential.


Boise Cascade 

Boise Cascade is a publicly traded pulp and paper company, ranked as the 13th largest forest products company in the world. In July 2014, Boise Cascade established a distribution center in Wheatland, where easy access to Interstate 80 enables the company to distribute its engineered wood products, plywood, lumber, particleboard, and broad line of building materials with ease. This project entailed the creation of five new full-time jobs and a capital investment of $600,000. The company has plans to add additional jobs in the near future.



Brewtus Brewing Company

In June 2015, Jason & Shelby Camerlengo and John & Patty LaRocca opened the doors of Brewtus Brewing in the heart of Sharon’s Cultural District at 23 Chestnut Avenue. Like many other craft brewers, Jason’s vision began in his basement; in 2012, the idea for Brewtus Brewing Company was born in John’s garage, on a home built Brutus-10 style brewing system. This project represents a grand collaboration amongst many community partners, including First National Bank, the Northwest Commission, The 504 Company, the Shenango Valley Enterprise Zone Corporation, the Sharon Industrial Development Authority, the City of Sharon, and the Penn-Northwest Development Corporation. Together, these groups helped Brewtus pool an investment of $750,000 and create 42 jobs. Bringing craft beer, fresh and unique foods, and a warm, friendly atmosphere to the Shenango Valley, Brewtus accommodates all lifestyles and palates.



Community Hope Investment Partnership

The Community Hope Investment Partnership (CHIP) is a newly formed non-profit organization with an objective to promote, support, and further the purposes of Mercer County communities by lessening the burdens of government and promoting social welfare by combatting community deterioration and furthering charitable economic development. During FY 2015/2016, CHIP undertook a building project at LindenPointe in Hermitage representing an initial capital investment of $2.5 million with support of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the City of Hermitage, the Shenango Valley Enterprise Zone Corporation, and Penn-Northwest. CHIP intends to sell or lease the facility to an employer(s) that will retain or create jobs in the community.


Cronimet Corporation

Cronimet Corporation meets the demands of the stainless scrap market as an ISO 9001 certified company headquartered in Aliquippa, PA. Cronimet expanded its Western Pennsylvania footprint in FY 2016 through the acquisition of PM Kalco’s and PM Recovery’s Wheatland and Greenville locations, which were at risk of closing their doors. This acquisition entailed a multi-million dollar capital investment, the retention of approximately 35 jobs, and the creation of 3 jobs. The Wheatland and Greenville locations have also kept their ISO 9001 Quality Certifications, and Greenville has also maintained its ISO 14001 Certification and ISO 18001 Certification.



Davis Alloys

A nominee of the 2013 Governor’s ImPAct Awards, Davis Alloys has more than 30 years of alloy manufacturing experience. Davis Alloys specializes in the production and supply of superior quality certified specialty alloys, foundry grade metals, and high-yield toll revert melting services for the sand/centrifugal/investment casting, aerospace, automotive, chemical refinery, jewelry, alloy hard-facing, medical and dental industries. During FY 2012-2013, Davis Alloys established their start-up operations in Sharon, a project that yielded a $620,000 capital investment and created nine jobs.


Hope Center for Arts & Technology

The Hope Center for Arts & Technology (HopeCAT) is based on the belief of Bill Strickland, founder of the Manchester Bidwell center in Pittsburgh, that environment shapes behavior. In 2012, HopeCAT’s vision was born and following an intensive feasibility study and community assessment, Sharon was chosen as the new home of HopeCAT to serve the needs of Mercer County and the greater region. In October 2014, the project was awarded a $2.6 million Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant from the Governor’s Office of Budget to establish the Center, where classes will be offered in a contemporary high-tech, newly renovated school on the West Hill in Sharon, PA (the former Sacred Heart Elementary School). The center will be filled with art and light and fully equipped with classrooms, computer labs, and art studios to serve students throughout the region. This project will lead to an overall capital investment of at least $5.3 million and the creation of 5 full-time and 3 part-time jobs. Additionally, this public-private partnership and educational model will move people from assistance to in-demand jobs at livable wages in partnership with business and industry throughout the region.


Levey & Company

A commercial real estate developer with over 30 years’ experience, Levey & Company spearheaded the Kohl’s development in Hermitage, a project that yielded an overall capital investment of $18.5 million and the creation of 170 jobs. Kohl’s identified the site as its new location in late 2011, and the store officially opened its doors in the Spring of 2013.


Living Treasures Wild Animal Park

In 2005, Adam Guiher purchased the dated Living Treasures Moraine location in Lawrence County. Over the past decade, through acting as a personal guarantor for loans and developing the organization on many levels, Adam has made major improvements to the park’s infrastructure and has renovated the entire facility. More than 150,000 guests have visited the park so far in 2015. In February 2015, Guiher finalized the purchase of 143 acres in Liberty Township, Mercer County, to be developed as a bus-toured safari park style facility, where grazing herbivore species from around the world will roam freely in large acreage regional habitats. The safari trucks will be newly renovated buses with open air seating and opportunities to safely feed and interact with many species. The Safari Park will play a key role in public education and wildlife conservation and will be home to several rare and endangered species not currently recognized by the general public and not currently on display in any Pennsylvania zoological institution. An additional attraction will be a zip-line and adventure park consisting of four courses linked from tree to tree in natural environments. This is the first park of its kind to be constructed in the Commonwealth. Overall, this project will lead to a capital investment of over $6 million and the creation of more than 50 jobs.



Mangrove Jack Marine

During FY 2015/2016, Mangrove Jack Marine, an Australian manufacturer of small portable boat trailers, committed to establishing and moving its manufacturing operations to Mercer County. This project entails an entire relocation for Kyal Ager & his wife, Angela, from Australia to the U.S. Initially, Mangrove Jack will locate as a temporary tenant of Noise Solutions in Sharon while permanent manufacturing space is identified. This project will yield an overall capital investment of nearly $1 million and the creation of 20 jobs.


Noise Solutions, Inc.

Noise Solutions, Inc. is a Canadian-headquartered manufacturer of industrial noise suppression equipment for the energy, mining and aerospace industries. The company maintains offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Denver, Colorado; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and manufacturing facilities in Delburne, Alberta; and most recently in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Noise Solutions chose Mercer County as the place to encourage the growth of their manufacturing process and to satisfy their USA customer base with “Made in the USA” products. The company’s expansion project and establishment of their manufacturing and engineering services facility in Sharon will yield an overall capital investment of $10,000,000 and the creation of 126 jobs.


Nulife Glass

Nulife Glass designs, builds, and operates furnaces incorporating innovative recycling technology for old televisions and computer monitors. NuLife Glass’ CRT recycling furnace technology is capable of processing up to 10 tons of funnel glass per day, equivalent to the glass from approximately 60 tons of televisions. This unique CRT recycling furnace extracts the toxic lead from the glass in a safe and environmentally sustainable way. The process creates no waste and avoids export of hazardous material around the globe. The company’s headquarters is located in the UK, and they maintain recycling facilities in New York and Virginia.  During FY 2015/2016, Nulife entered into a warehousing lease agreement at Cooper Industrial Commons in Grove City, which yielded an initial capital investment of nearly $1 million. Nulife hopes to soon establish a processing facility in Mercer County with its own furnace, which will yield an overall capital investment of at least $20 million and the creation of approximately 20 jobs.


Pennex Aluminum Company

Pennex Aluminum Company, a subsidiary of Metal Exchange Corp. headquartered in St. Louis, has over 33 years’ experience supplying alloyed aluminum products – including log, billet, extrusions and fabricated components. With operations in Wellsville, Pennsylvania; York, Pennsylvania; and Leetonia, Ohio; the company entered into a long-term lease agreement with ILSCO in Greenville in early 2013 to acquire the billet production assets and operate with a long-term lease, yielding an overall investment of $3.5 million to Mercer County and the creation of 33 jobs.


Penn Stainless Products

Penn Stainless Products offers an expansive stainless steel and nickel inventory and complete in-house processing. In June 2014, Penn Stainless purchased 17 acres in Jackson Center, where the company will build a 30,000 square-foot distribution facility just off Interstate 79. This project will yield an overall capital investment of $3 million and the creation of up to 30 new full-time jobs.


Pocono ProFoods

Pocono ProFoods is a family-owned distributor supplying quality food and equipment to independent and multi-location restaurants and large-scale organizations. In order to expand its market reach, PoconoProFoods established a transfer and distribution center in Grove City in July 2014. This project led to an overall capital investment of $200,000 and the creation of four new full-time jobs.


Precision Castparts Corp.

Precision Castparts Corp., parent company of Greenville Metals, Inc., is a worldwide, diversified manufacturer of complex metal components and products serving the aerospace, power and general industrial markets. Recognized as a great location to coordinate efforts between the company’s divisions, Mercer County was chosen over Texas for PCC’s relocation and expansion project, which yielded an overall capital investment of $12 million and the creation of 80 jobs.


RJR Alloys, Inc.

RJR Alloys, Inc., relocated to Mercer County from Ohio in 2013. RJR Alloys, Inc. is an expert in professional metal recycling services and is currently occupying an 18,000-square-foot facility in one of our local industrial parks. The total capital investment of RJR’s project was $250,000, bringing three full-time jobs to Mercer County.


Right Pointe

Right Pointe provides concrete and road construction professionals with the industry’s top concrete and asphalt maintenance products. During FY 2014/2015, Right Pointe, a DeKalb, Illinois based company, finalized its plans to bring its concrete and asphalt specialty sealant product manufacturing operations to Mercer County and purchased the former Brigadoon Furniture facility in Sharpsville. This $1.5 million investment project will lead to the creation of 15 full-time jobs.



Springfield Commons

Springfield Commons is a new mixed-use development in Springfield Township designed to complement the Grove City Premium Outlets. Centrally located among three universities with a population of nearly 250,000 within a 30-minute drive, Springfield Commons offers outparcels for sale, small shops for lease, restaurant end caps, parcels for midsize to Big Box retail, and the area’s first Marriott hotel, which will be a TownePlace Suites. More than 6.6 million shoppers access Grove City Outlets, which are rated as one of the top 20 outlet centers in the U.S. This development will yield an overall capital investment of approximately $50 million and the creation of up to 300 new jobs.

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